If you’re anywhere in the southwest corner of Wisconsin, you’ve likely heard about Frey Construction, since owner Scott Frey is a firm believer in using as many mediums as possible to get the word out about his company. And while that media inundation has served Frey well, he says that referrals are still the best source of the company’s business. “We probably get $4 million in business every year just through repeat business and referrals,” he says, adding that it’s his company’s policy to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. “If somebody’s unhappy, we bend over backward to make it right. And two weeks later we send flowers just because.”

Even though flowers come long after the tools have been packed up, it’s a lasting impression — the client appreciates it almost as much as Frey’s attitude that “the customer is always right.” Every project has a 15-year warranty. “If it leaks or there’s any kind of hiccup, we’re Johnny on the spot,” he says. “We fix it, repaint it all, and don’t ask any questions. We take care of our customers no matter what.” This attentiveness has apparently worked well: After installing gutters for a client, Frey was back for a $400,000 remodel a few years later. Patience is indeed a virtue!

Always Attentive  Company president Scott Frey believes that regardless of the problem, the customer is always right.