As a general contractor, Empire Development & Construction  had a reputation for building high-end residences and even won first place in a local Parade of Homes competition. But the company has recently increased its remodeling presence in both the residential and commercial realms, giving a number of local restaurants and bars a considerable “face lift.” Now the company is phasing out new construction and is firmly planting its flag in the remodeling hemisphere.

Oddly enough, local weather has helped Empire forge ahead in the remodeling market. “Last year we did mostly siding and roofing because we had a large hailstorm in April, then a tornado two weeks later, so we had a ton of exterior work,” says owner Tony Szak. “It’s gotten us a huge client base and speaks volumes about what we do, as we got off the luxury home concept. It’s saying, ‘We’re your home improvement guys.’”

Empire State of Mind  Owner Tony Szak keeps his company busy with interior and exterior jobs.