After having established a foothold in the Portland market as an award-winning design/build remodeler, Lane Cooper is carving a niche as a trusted adviser to homeowners.

“We ... help homeowners evaluate, manage, and accomplish any issue or desire they have for their home,” Cooper says. The new approach, which he calls “Total Home Care,” is “a relationship- rather than a project-based model.” CDR  proactively meets with clients, evaluates their home, and helps them prioritize their needs. “Then we develop a master plan with pricing and timelines,” he says.

The concept fits well with Cooper’s busy clients who appreciate the time-saving and concierge-like service. He tailors his marketing to this target audience through neighborhood newspaper ads, door hangers, and networking with other home industry trade allies.

Fast Forward  Lane Cooper's goal: develop a business model that has steady cash flow and unlimited growth potential.