Mitch LaBorwit holds an economics degree from the University of Maryland, but started out in home improvement knocking on doors as a canvasser. His company sold mostly sunrooms until the 2008 recession and accompanying credit crunch decimated that market, reducing marketwide sunroom sales by as much as two thirds. Cap City  switched to windows. But windows is a “very crowded and competitive space,” LaBorwit says. “You can be successful, and homeowners need them, but you’re training your own competition.”

Through its Green Monster World division, Cap City became an energy-efficiency contractor, selling everything from solar products and thermal barriers to energy capacitors to customers whose “hot-button is comfort, and savings are secondary,” LaBorwit says. The company fields two canvassing crews, is in 110 shows a year, and is also in big-box retail stores.

Mad for Marketing  Mitch LaBorwit reinvented his business after recession and the credit crunch depleted a once-booming sunroom operation.