A lot has changed in marketing since Ken Bressler joined  Builders & Remodelers  nearly 30 years ago. One constant is the volume of leads needed to keep an exterior remodeling company growing. “There was a time when there was one Yellow Pages. Now there are four or five phone books in the Twin Cities,” he says. “There used to be three major TV stations and no clicker, so you had to watch the commercials. Now there are hundreds to choose from, and TV advertising is expensive.”

To maximize his marketing budget, which is already 15% — relatively low for exterior companies in his area — Bressler goes down multiple advertising roads each year. The marketing manager is dedicated to bringing in new leads and earns 1% of the company’s weekly sales. Commissioned sales reps get a December bonus of 1% of their annual sales.

“We try to route two to three leads to each salesman every day, so we’re always looking for a lot of fresh leads,” Bressler says. “Salaries are results-based, so no matter how hard you worked today, tomorrow you’ll come in and roll up your sleeves.”

Survival Skills  Ken Bressler has been in business long enough to see widespread changes and knows that lead generation today is a whole different game.