James Baxter humbly describes himself as “a carpenter by trade who learned sales and management.” His company is so renowned for its craftsmanship and its detailed proposals that it regularly wins large historic renovation jobs such as remodeling the Woodrow Wilson House, in Princeton, N.J. Yet the owner has always remained fascinated by all things having to do with building — and he’s always up for a challenge. “We do everything from replacing a doorknob to $6 million projects,” Baxter says. “But when we’re fortunate enough to get a historic restoration job, we love to do it.”

Up until the 2008 recession, referrals kept the company pipeline full. Last year Baxter Construction  teamed up with local marketer Creative Counsel to develop “from the ground up” a brand that matched the considerable reputation and expertise of Baxter Construction. The idea is to expand market share without changing the face-to-face way that the company gets new clients.

Spread the Word  Owner James Baxter plans to expand his share of the Princeton, N.J., market with a major brand-building campaign.