When Trey Strock joined his parents’ business in 1996, the three faced a tough transition. The family turned to a peer review group to help establish a new organization chart to define roles and set standard business practices that would help the company grow. Trey says his parents were aided by luck, a strong economy, and determination. He decided he needed a more formal education, so he invested in Sandler Training. “It turns common sense into a sales program,” he says.

The company provides in-house design services, but has established relationships with architects and designers for larger projects. Trey wants to increase architect referrals because those projects are more fun and expose the company to different techniques and materials.


—The company’s balance of light-commercial and residential work keeps its crews busy throughout the year. Light-commercial projects include retail, restaurants, and a local airport.

—Strock Enterprises recently updated its marketing materials with a corporate image and a new logo.

—Post-project autopsies help the company understand and fix inefficient segments of the time line.