Steve Gray is big on communication, but he knows that sometimes it’s better to let other people do the talking. Take a quick look at the videos on his website and you’ll see his customers saying things like “sensitive to our needs,” “attention to detail,” “always exceptionally neat,” and “exceeded our expectations.” Gray also understands the importance of establishing himself as an expert in the field. He writes articles for local papers, including the Indianapolis Star, and shares his 20-plus years of industry experience with other remodelers in a blog on REMODELING’s website.

For a company that has worked hard to establish a consistent brand in central Indiana, qualities such as honesty, integrity, quality, and craftsmanship need to be more than just catch phrases. Thorough estimates and bids are realistic because the company opens up access holes in the ceilings and crawls the attic and crawlspaces to eliminate surprises. And painstaking dust control and end-of-the-day cleanup go a long way toward client satisfaction. “When they’re vacuuming my driveway, that’s detail,” says one homeowner.