Scott Peacock might be the only remodeler with shoe manufacturing in his past. In remodeling, the precision of production manufacturing gives Peacock & Co. an edge. “I love how quickly everything moves in manufacturing — where every task is on a stopwatch — and I adapted that for our company,” he says. Peacock estimates based on work hours and holds his crews to strict policies of timeliness, cleanliness, and quality, with rewards of higher-than-average pay and benefits.

Peacock also emphasizes the company’s standards when making sales. “Time lines are critical to me. When we say we’ll be done, 98% of the time we’re actually done,” he says. “That reputation goes around via word of mouth.”


—Employees must adhere to strict company rules, including a three-strikes policy regarding lateness. —Unlike other companies, Peacock & Co. pays its design/sales staff based on the gross, rather than the gross profit, of the job.

—Profit sharing for field staff is based on a percentage of the time and materials saved on a job. “If a job is projected to go for 200 hours and it comes in at 188, we multiply 12 saved hours by $24, for a savings of $288,” Peacock explains. “If the same crew was projected at $5,000 in materials and only needed $4,800, that’s another $200 savings. The crew member gets 30% of the total savings.

—Average project size is $35,000. Peacock says this is an ideal size to allow his crews to finish on or under budget.

—Peacock & Co.’s 9,500-square-foot facility includes plenty of room for staff offices, 2,500 square feet of kitchen and bath displays, an 800-square-foot woodshop for custom cabinetry jobs, and a large conference room for design meetings. The conference room is outfitted with a projector and an 8-foot-by-8-foot screen for easy viewing. When making presentations, designers can use their software programs to walk clients through the project and make changes to the plans on the spot.