When Rick Goldstein, a registered architect, reached out to industry colleagues in 2002 with an idea for a high-end outdoor living company, William Fadul reached back. “We had a client that needed a huge wrap-around deck rebuilt,” Fadul says. “We did that project together and started chatting about the synergy of our two companies and an indoor/outdoor concept.”

Today, Mosaic Group has a 70/30 split of indoor living and outdoor living work, a cross-trained design staff, and skylights in the showroom to give clients a true indoor/outdoor planning experience.

Goldstein and Fadul say that design drives every job. “Our ideal projects are complex and design-driven. We want to solve problems artistically,” Goldstein says. “A Craftsman house calls for a Craftsman solution, but we’ll also push the envelope.”


—Working closely with a landscape designer helps to ensure that Mosaic Group’s outdoor living projects hit the mark with clients.

—Though it’s completely indoors itself, the company’s indoor/outdoor showroom features skylights to let the sun shine in. Clients can walk through bath and kitchen displays, then “outside” to patios and landscapes.

—In addition to a mission statement, Mosaic Group maintains a list of “guiding principles.”