Things have changed at Lifetime Remodeling Systems, and that’s definitely a good thing. “Back when it was just my father and me, it was like the Wild West,” says Gino Streano. Each man sold about a million dollars worth of windows and siding and then managed the job through production. That’s a lot for any cowboy.

After 10-plus years of selling vinyl, it was time to expand the company’s niche. The first step: add fiber-cement and cedar to the firm’s arsenal of materials. Next, a new niche altogether: design/build remodeling.

Gino says, “Clients were always asking, ‘Can you do our kitchen? Can you do an addition?’” Now the answer is a resounding “yes.” Salespeople are still ultimately responsible for the job, but they have the help of a production manager who is on the jobsite every day and ensures that everybody knows what’s what. Quality pre-production systems and inspections at every step eliminate 99% of the mistakes that used to happen on the job, according to Gino.

The company hopes to reach a volume of $3 million with existing staff.