These grade-school buddies joined forces 14 years ago to provide a diverse range of construction services to the Charlotte market, including remodeling, new homes, spec house renovation, and light commercial work. The company recently added green building and remodeling to its offerings. Some clients have returned to the company up to six times to take advantage of the variety of services. “Our diversity pays off with clients — we are one-stop shopping for them,” Danny Kelly says, adding, “We don’t need to do a whole lot of qualifying. Our calls are pretty serious customers. It’s always someone that referred us or comes in with a set of plans from an architect.”

In addition, clients regularly call the company for advice and input. “By the time we leave, they feel we are the expert on their home,” Kelly says.

Kelly and Dan McCardle lead a team of two project managers, two superintendents, and several carpenters who are cross-trained to handle a range of projects. The owners encourage staff to attend training classes and seminars to stay up to date on construction technology.


—The company began including green products and techniques in its new homes, then added a new division for energy audits and weatherization. —“Nine out of 10 existing customers take us up on audit service and choose something for their existing project,” Kelly says.

—Depending on the economy, the company’s commercial work ranges from 10% to 30% of its volume. Jobs include retrofitting existing buildings and building new spaces for restaurants, multi-family work, and, recently, renovating buildings for a tennis club.