How do you gain the experience needed to run a successful remodeling company? Allen Harris began by working with his entrepreneur father, then did stints in new construction, leading a framing crew, framing for a premier home builder, and performing home inspections while doing remodeling and maintenance work on the side. His final stops with two established remodeling companies, is where he says, “I learned my passion for what I do — to serve people.”

“Our client is someone who has been beat up a little bit,” Harris says, noting that after a bad experience, they want someone they can trust to complete a quality job within their budget. He develops a personal connection with homeowners. Most come to ALH through word of mouth, but Harris also exhibits at trade shows and participates in an annual remodeled-home tour.


—Operations manager Rob Dagley suggested that the company do anniversary inspections where the company could complete small repairs and reconnect with past clients. “Our repeat clients are loyal to us. We want to be loyal to them,” Allen Harris says.

—Field crews use digital cameras to document the job from start to finish.

—Subcontractors appreciate the range of interesting work that the company offers.