Bert Lebhar started his home improvement career as a canvasser in college. He became a canvassing manager, a salesperson, then a sales manager. When he and a partner started Atlantic Remodeling Co. 10 years ago, “we had no idea how to run a business or save money,” he says.

Atlantic Remodeling was built on canvassing. But in the last few years the company has turned toward TV, the Internet, and, particularly, radio to promote messages such as its One Red Cent Guarantee, which assures customers they won’t pay anything unless they’re completely satisfied with the job. Lebhar (second from right in photo) says that he wanted to take advantage of advertising discounts but wasn’t sure radio would make the phone ring. It did.

In January, Atlantic Remodeling arranged for focus group sessions to provide feedback about the company and its procedures. Lebhar says that the focus groups indicated that the company needs to beef up its customer communications. “We view sales as a fire: you add more fuel, it keeps burning, and we keep generating more revenue.”


Canvassing generates 67% of business. The company’s strong brand makes canvassers’ jobs easier. The company excels at getting leads and has a goal of 50% repeat and referral business.

- Jim Cory