After attending a vocational school and working for a few home improvement contractors, in 1983 Roland Valois decided to launch his own company. The 23-year-old started out working on a range of projects, from painting to additions. By 2006, the company had grown to 30 employees doing a volume of $3.5 million.

Valois reorganized in 2009, and now the company offers new-home developments, commercial construction, and residential remodeling. He also has a real estate license and uses it to sell properties and houses in his new-home developments. To capture brand recognition, Valois’ real estate logo has the same shape as the construction logo, but in a contrasting color.

Commercial work includes both remodeling and new construction of restaurants, churches, and government buildings, as well as insurance restoration. The remodeling work is in historic neighborhoods within a 15-mile radius of the company’s office.


  • Last year, Valois started a referral reward program for both clients and local realtors. 
  • The company works with a marketing consultant to manage and promote its range of work. 
  • It runs print ads in a high-end magazine, sends out press releases, and sends out a quarterly newsletter. Has a 16,000-square-foot building that contains a 10,000-square-foot millwork facility and an office.

Notable quote: “I love to get people into our office,” Valois says. “Our whole design department is beautiful, with a nice conference room and areas with samples. It provides a ‘wow’ factor and lets clients see how we operate.”

- Nina Patel