After a stint in the military and working in the family construction business with his father, Chad Vincent (far right in photo) moved from a small Idaho town to the city of Boise to open his own business. The company specializes in remodeling and taking clients through the design/build process.

Most Renaissance Remodeling clients are empty nesters who fit the “millionaire next door” profile. They don’t want the biggest, flashiest house, they just want a quality remodel that fits the neighborhood. Most have lived in the house for a long time and know what doesnotwork for them.

Vincent and his team provide guidance by listening to clients and asking extensively about their lifestyle. He and his in-house interior designer use a team-selling approach.

“We get more information that way,” Vincent says. Clients sign a design agreement, and Vincent and his designer work with them to finalize the concept and make product selections. The company’s two production managers (including Chad’s father, Jim, second from right, who relocated to Boise to work with his son) handle the construction.


  • Every year Chad Vincent creates a full marketing plan by doing an audit of the previous year’s results. He uses a combination of radio ads, home shows, mailings, and charity events. 
  • Vincent shares his marketing knowledge with his local National Association of the Remodeling Industry chapter by teaching classes on the topic. 
  • The company is in the middle of a five-year growth plan. Vincent brought in a business coach to help the company meet its goals, and he also works with a peer review group.

Notable quote: “I love being a carpenter ... I have not swung a hammer in 10 years, but that is what I consider myself."

- Nina Patel