Vinny Nardo (second from left) comes from a family of cabinetmakers. Almost 30 years ago, he loaded the family into a trailer and moved from the East Coast to California and started Reborn Cabinets. “He was one of the pioneers of kitchen cabinet refacing in California,” son Anthony Nardo (far right) says.

Since then, the business has evolved into a full-service company that manufacturers cabinets and installs about 40 projects per month. Most of the other work, including granite, drywall, tile, electrical, and plumbing, is subcontracted.

To keep track of both manufacturing and a high number of installations requires organization. A designer/salesperson meets with the client and finalizes the project; office staff maintain administrative flow and client communication; and the project team lead handles production. The notes section in the company’s custom database ensures that all employees have the most up-to-date information anytime they communicate with clients.

The family still makes major decisions together and, even with almost 70 employees, the Nardos consider themselves a mom-and-pop business.


  • Reborn Cabinets has a 10,000-square-foot design center that features 30 displays. 
  • The company recently signed an agreement with Sam’s Club to set up displays in some of its western state stores. 
  • At the end of the job, the designer calls the customer to ask if they were satisfied and to ask for referrals. 
  • The company’s call center supports project team leads by handling almost all communication with clients to keep them updated about the progress of their job.

- Nina Patel