A typical 5-by-8-foot, pull-and-replace bathroom becomes systematized when you do dozens each year. But DreamMaker of Springfield president Curt Trampe isn’t “typical” about optimizing job performance. “Every bath and kitchen is unique, but having certain components in place streamlines the processes,” he says.

To keep crews efficient and to maximize profitability, Trampe tracks unproductive hours. “In 2008 we tracked that our two lead carpenters in the field had about 600 unproductive hours,” including home show setup and tear-down, he says. Trampe was shocked by the monetary impact of multiplying 600 by a $36 burdened labor hour.

Since 2008, the company has decreased unproductive hours by 35%. “If we can get that even lower, it goes straight to the bottom line,” he says.

Trampe stays involved in the community by participating in networking groups and teaching professional and community K&B classes with vendor partners. “All of our work positions us as experts in the field, so potential clients are truly comfortable with us,” he says.


  • The company works hard to keep a consistent marketing plan in place rather than jumping from gimmick to gimmick. When trying a new tactic, Trampe says it’s essential to stick with the effort for a minimum of three months. “If you try something for two months and stop, you’ll never see results, and it’s just money out the window,” he says. 
  • DreamMaker of Springfield conducts at least six community classes each year. Some of these include Bathroom Basics 101, Kitchen Starter Class, and Aging-in-Place. 
  • All product selections are made on hand in the company’s warehouse before a project begins. Lead carpenters receive quarterly performance bonuses based on their ability to bring jobs in under budget. 
  • DreamMaker of Springfield’s showroom features a fully functional ADA-compliant bathroom that clients can actually use if they’re interested in that type of remodeling.

Notable quote: “Our company has a very strong, repeatable process that enables us to deliver a very consistent experience to our clients,” Trampe says. “Every bath and kitchen is unique, but having certain components in place streamlines the processes.”

- Lauren Hunter