One of Tom Barber’s first remodeling jobs in the early 1980s was to renovate 350 houses on the Zuni Indian reservation in New Mexico. Though he was later lured back to Michigan to work with his home-builder father, Barber always found remodeling to be more interesting than new builds. “With remodeling, you don’t know for sure what’s under the wall,” he says. “There’s more of a challenge to make it blend in.”

Located in a rural resort area, many Barber Construction clients don’t even live in Michigan. Barber has begun keeping in touch with them and looking for referrals via newsletter as the children of his clients begin to take over their parent’s vacation homes.

President of the Michigan Association of Home Builders, Barber (second from right in photo) is involved in the community. He works on the local township planning commission and has donated time to renovate homes to make them handicap-accessible.


  • Uses the Duct Tape Marketing methodology. 
  • Writes articles for the local newspaper to get the company name out. 
  • Has already gotten certified for lead paint renovation. 
  • Thomas Barber is president of the Michigan Association of Home Builders as is a Mason.

Notable quote: “Walt Stoeppelwerth is my hero.”