With 10 locations in four states and hundreds of jobs under way at any time, it’s hard to visualize American Technologies as just three people in 1989. Founder Gary Moore, who had spent the previous 15 years in the insurance restoration business, wasted no time rolling out strategies that fueled annual growth averaging 30% until 2009.

A strong understanding of the insurance business helped build relationships with dozens of insurers, as well as major corporations and commercial property managers. Experienced local management cemented footholds in new locations. Aggressive training fostered staff expertise in everything from fire reconstruction to document recovery to lead paint removal. State-of-the-art technology provided a competitive edge in identifying and remediating damage, along with reporting compliance.

Last year was the company’s first slowdown, and Moore sees 10% as a reasonable annual growth target going forward. Gearing up, he and his far-flung team remain committed to quality control, from complete customer satisfaction to education for vendors and subcontractors.

Best Practices

  • Commitment to ongoing training for key personnel and field workers. 
  • Constant eye on diversification, such as sanitation services using vapor hydrogen peroxide for the research and health industry. 
  • Contractual relationships with major hospitality and other corporations. 
  • Specialized crews for environmental work and emergency work. 
  • Charitable contributions including annual toy drive and “sponsoring” families during the holidays.
Notable quote: “We don’t have much turnover because we care about employees. They’re valued. We’re a service company, and they’re the ones maintaining our level of service.”

- Leah Thayer