You can't be all things to all people, but VanDam & Krusinga Building and Restoration does know how to meet a large market head on. Although half its business is in restoration, this company is really a design/build firm that lives up to its “One call does it all!” slogan heard widely on radio and television.

Scheffers (left, pictured with general manager Steve Bos), a carpenter by trade, bought the business 12 years ago. He grew it from a 9-person to a 65-person company with divisions in drywall, painting, plastering, and carpentry. The staff now includes a general designer, a kitchen designer, and a decorator.

The company also has a showroom with seven cabinet lines, solid surface countertop builders, and a flooring store with installers. “Our niche is not to have a niche,” Scheffers says. “We're like a junk yard dog. We tell people, ‘If it comes through the door, we'll eat it.' It's contrary to what a lot of people suggest in this business, but it seems to be working for us.”

- Stacey Freed