Cousins Jeff and Robert Jertberg have found their niche doing challenging high-end large projects. “We sell an experience to clients who appreciate and understand our service,” Jeff (seated) says.

Educating clients and managing their expectations is a major component of the company's service. The Jertbergs may spend two months in the planning stage, but the client walks away with a full set of detailed project specs and the confidence that they are in good hands.

The Jertbergs match designers and interior designers with each individual client “to alleviate any finger-pointing,” Jeff says, and they partner with a variety of local designers to develop their diverse projects. “With an in-house designer, you can build the same thing over and over again,” Rob says.

With systems in place and a focus on customer service that includes a five-year warranty and a “closer” who spends 100% of his time on the punch list, VanBerg Construction is able to get consistent results and has created a raving fan base.

- Stacey Freed