After working in a corporate career for more than 10 years and rehabilitating a few residential properties, Larry McAllister returned to Charlotte to add a residential division to the commercial construction company started by his two brothers. That division now handles remodeling and a few new-construction projects, primarily in four city neighborhoods. His staff is also well-versed in presenting plans to the city's review commission for historic houses.

About two-thirds of the company's projects are referred by architects. “Architects have qualified folks with reasonable budgets and plans to bid,” McAllister says. He works hard to create strong relationships with architects and to send them referrals as well. “Trading work is a great way to keep relationships going,” he says.

Though the divisions share an office and about 50% of its subcontractors, McAllister and his brothers recently rebranded both divisions to avoid confusion about the work each provides. They want commercial clients to feel confident in choosing a firm that is well-versed in larger projects, and homeowners to value the personal touch of the residential division.

- Nina Patel