In 1982 student Mark Williams (left) began cleaning windows to make money for college. “People kept asking for more services,” he says, so he began coordinating independent providers for a range of services from lawn and landscape work to painting and carpentry. That's how Patric Bouton (right) joined the company — he was Williams' painting contractor.

The two joined forces to build on the company's home improvement base, expanding to their current operation of home maintenance, commercial projects, and renovations. The owners recently added an in-house design team and invested in 3-D design software.

The company has a reputation for completing challenging projects and is regularly referred by architects, engineers, other contractors, and code officials. The two owners have built a team that thrives on those challenges. Each project is run by one of their five project supervisors. A few of their 10 carpenters are apprentice supervisors and run small jobs. “We want their goal to be project supervisor,” Williams says.

Bouton says that they want to provide employees with a road map to success — creating a true career in remodeling. “Personnel will be the key to our growth,” he says.

Growth plans include increasing revenue to $4 million in 2008, opening a new showroom-style office, adding a salesperson, and developing a home maintenance services program.

- Nina Patel