Legacy Custom Building & Remodeling, under founder Rosie Romero — now better known for his “Rosie on the House” radio show — was one of our Big50 companies in 1993. Fresh out of the development business, Mark Olson (above, second from left) joined Romero as his executive vice president in 2001, and took over majority ownership a year later. The company's top salesperson, Mark Dixon (far left), became a partner at the same time; new sales manager Brian Shaurette (far right) joined the executive team in 2003; and Romero's stock was eventually bought out by production manager Mike Daniel (second from right).

The company's name suggests that it would be business as usual under new management, but the company has gained additional levels of success. Driven by a change in company culture — Olson says that only two employees remain from when he joined the company — Legacy has grown by more than 25% annually over the last seven years, something Olson hopes will continue. The Phoenix-area housing market, in better shape than most others around the country, appears ready to cooperate. “There's a cadre of people who have enough wealth that they don't feel the ripples that everyone else is feeling,” Olson says.

- Hayden Alfano