Most replacement contractors can't survive on a steady diet of largely repeat and referral business, but Fick Bros. Roofing & Exterior Remodeling — a fixture in the Baltimore market for the last 60 years — is not your typical replacement company.

Joseph Fick (far left, pictured with Jeffrey, center, and Patrick, right), who took over the company in 1980, says the difference lies in their systems and practices. “We're probably the highest priced in our market,” he says, “but, as far as we're concerned, our service and quality are far beyond [the competition].”

Fick adds that the company works a lot with slate and copper roofing, which appeals to a higher-end client. “Few companies do that kind of work. Even fewer do it well,” he says.

Fick Bros. distinguishes itself from competitors in other ways, too. By instituting pre-construction meetings with clients and project managers, and internal post-construction meetings, Fick Bros. has adopted many of the practices of successful design/build companies.

Fick credits the company's consistency to his employees, many of whom have been with Fick Bros. for more than 20 years. The key: offering quality benefits and incentives, including generous profit-sharing.

“We [want] long-term, stable employees,” he says, “and we make sure we provide for them.”

- Chris Keimig