Eddie Knight started E.A. Knight Construction in 1979 like many carpenters-turned-businessmen: with all of the construction skills but very little business know-how. After 20 years on his own, Knight finally welcomed his son Glen to the business as a partner.

“He's great at estimating and dealing with people,” Eddie says. “Now, between the two of us, we've got the process covered.”

Since Glen arrived, the company's volume has grown from $1 million to more than $3 million, and its staff from a half dozen to nearly 30.

The company has carved out a place for itself in the local market by combining its marketing efforts with a willingness to serve the client in any way necessary.

“We're not too proud to do small jobs because they'll eventually lead to the bigger ones,” Eddie says. “If that means driving 20 miles to put on a door knob, we'll do it.”

To promote brand awareness, E.A. Knight Construction also invested heavily in a fleet of about 20 trucks, vans, and trailers featuring the company's distinctive logo — a decision to which Glen credits much of the company's growth.

In a slow market, the company has thrived despite not always being the lowest bidder. “[Clients know] that we're expensive,” Glen says. “But they know it's worth it, and we'll be here tomorrow when they need us.”

- Chris Keimig