Helping make homeowners whole after a disaster demands efficiency, and Bryant-Phillips Associates does just that, beginning with its 24/48/72 promise. “When an assignment comes in, we call the insured within 24 hours, visit the home to see the loss within 48 hours, and the estimate will be approved by the adjuster within 72 hours,” explains company president Wes Phillips (front).

So that each job is handled in a timely fashion, in 2005 Phillips' son Eric (back) introduced the company to data management software based on Microsoft Office Groove. “Employees can see the status of the project they're working on, and the scheduling time-lines,” Wes says. “One of the first things I do in the morning is to open Groove and see where everything stands.”

Bryant-Phillips Associates also operates a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise, which Eric heads. “Our agreement with the insurance companies is not to solicit remodeling work, but that if homeowners ask us to do additional work, we can accept it and put it in a separate contract,” Wes says.

The company's five-year plan includes growing remodeling to 30% of the business from 10%, increasing the average job size by 20%, and reaching $7.5 million in revenue and 9.7% net profit. “To me, the 9.7% number is the most important,” Wes says. “A lot of companies are running in the range of 4% to 6%, and we have been, too, but we need to set our sights higher.”

- Lauren Hunter