Since Jana Lee began scrutinizing Rock Solid Construction's promotional opportunities a year ago, her husband, Shannon, has taken to calling her the company's “marketing guru” — and with good reason. With a $20,000 budget (2% of the company's revenue), Jana leaves no marketing stone unturned.

“We didn't have a real budget until last year when I started thinking about ways we could increase our branding,” she says. “I'm not a trained marketing or advertising expert, but I am a consumer, and I have a good idea of where our clientele would look for a reputable remodeling company.”

Primarily, Rock Solid Construction finds the most valuable clients through local magazine advertising, with a monthly ad in417(named for the region's area code), a quarterly ad in offshoot417 Home,and semi-regular ads in theSpringfield Business Journal.

The company also has a number of smaller, but memorable, marketing tools: professionally lettered vehicles, yard signs, logos on shirts, and sleek crew-member name tags; as well as building signage that can be seen by commuters from a local thoroughfare.

How do they know all of this works? Lead tracking. “When a prospective client calls the office, the first thing we ask them is how they heard about us,” Shannon says. “We don't want to throw money at something that's not working, so we make sure our clients tell us what is.”