Reicorp Remodeling isn't the largest replacement contractor out there. Not by a long shot. But there are very few, if any, that are as profitable. Robert Reichek's business acumen is the reason why.

“We could have gotten larger as a design/build company,” says company president Reichek, referring to his decision to concentrate on high-end sunrooms.

But, he continues, the profit margins aren't as high on design/build jobs, and he can turn the sunrooms and exterior jobs around much faster.

Reicorp Remodeling's product sets it apart — it's the only Four Seasons sun-room dealer n the area — but Reichek does more to differentiate his company in the eyes of homeowners. He frequently shows up on the local news as a “construction expert,” and his showroom is a remodeled historic home right off a main road. The company also finances about half of its jobs.

Within the industry, Reichek's company manual has drawn interest from the national Four Seasons office as an example for their other franchisees.