Besides getting a creatively remodeled space, the clients of Powers Construction Group get a striking gift basket that is thematically aligned with their project. A basket for a media room, for instance, might hold movies, gourmet snacks, ceramic popcorn bowls, plush throws, and special beverages and glasses. A bath basket might have towels, soaps and spa treatments, candles, and an absorbing book.

“All baskets are created to match the client's new décor and colors,” says Lesley Powers, whom husband and co-owner, Michael, describes as “the financial end of things, a brilliant businesswoman.” He, in turn, handles sales and design, and is known for being imaginative and resourceful.

Instead of database marketing, the Powers stay visible in their community, sponsoring events such as Rotary pancake breakfasts, and winning local business and service awards. Design is done using 3-D CAD, and spreadsheets track jobs to the penny.

The year ahead promises more benchmarks, with a foray into new construction and some finishing touches on a new showroom, including plans to hire a limousine to shuttle busy clients over and back, and to serve champagne and snacks while they make selections.