Robert Leddy (seated) has come a long way since a siding supplier took pity on him after he sold his first siding job, helping him measure the job, order supplies, and providing him with installer names. “We did the job, and I was in the siding business,” he recalls.

The former carpenter developed a patented siding installation technique called the “Leddy Level” based on his experience in commercial work. “It expedites the job,” he says. “The patent is expired now, but I still use it as a sales aid, and all my installers use it.”

The company completes about 100 jobs a year, including replacement windows and doors. Leddy says that selling a job in a client's home is important: “If you are organized and put together a presentation kit that is thorough, you don't need inventory or a showroom.”

The siding expert markets his work with advertisements in phone books of several local towns, jobsite signs, and door hangers that say, “When you're ready, call Leddy.”

He carries a book with contact information for all the jobs he has completed during the last six years. Leddy tells potential clients to call any of the homeowner names in the book for a referral. He also enters awards programs for residential remodeling work and promotes his company at home shows.