When a client works with Dream Design Builders, they are treated to a unique artistic process. The design team spends about three hours designing a project right in front of a client in their home.

“They can see what gets cut and hits the floor,” says owner Jay Riordan (left, rear) who believes this method helps show clients that the company is listening to their concerns. “Clients love it and brag about the fun process and amazing results.” Riordan began the company after a post-high-school summer job working for a remodeler. “I loved building room additions and seeing happy clients. I realized that this could be a fun business,” Riordan says. “Instead of college, I chose to look to the industry for my education.”

Now, although most of Dream Design Builders' business is referrals, Riordan continues marketing efforts year-round through a showroom, a Web site, direct mail, and a monthly newspaper article about home remodeling. “I'd like to have 40 or 50 good clients a year and stay within a seven- to 10-mile radius,” he says.