What do you do when you decide you don't like pre-med? You become a remodeler, of course. That's the path Peter Lehrer (right) took to develop a career in a field “where you can really see results. You know right away whether it's good or bad,” he says.

And excellent results are important to a company that focuses its marketing dollars on winning awards. “We've got an office full of hardware,” says Lehrer of the local, regional, and national awards the company has won over the years. “Although the awards are nice, we still have to provide our customers the finest remodeling experience possible. It's all about how the customer is treated.”

Lehrer, president, and partner Ken Perrin, vice president, work both sides of the tracks in the six-county Cleveland metro area — one has an office on the east side of town, the other on the west — to best turn inquiries into sales. And each brings his own area of expertise to the process. Lehrer is a trim and finish carpenter, and Perrin has built nearly 700 homes during his career.