American Design and Build may be the first remodeling/replacement company to have an office that's a tourist destination.

Located in rural Maryland, the company office is part of “Home Improvement Town,” ADB's showroom. Each office in the 6,000-square-foot building is a replica of a house. There is a koi pond, fountain, bridge, and live plants — all tended by a landscaper — as well as various types of custom windows, siding, doors, and sunrooms. Each office has a doorbell to push for audio product information. “Children can feed the fish while parents enjoy the comforts of the sunroom with surround-sound TV,” says Kevin Carmen, vice president of marketing. “When people walk in, they say, ‘wow.'”

Employees and trade partners, too, are wowed by the company, which has many long-term, loyal staffmembers and certified installers. Owner Joe Tunney (left) strives to make employees feel that there's no better place to work, offering generous bonuses and other benefits.

Company ideals are taken on the road as well, with a focus on customer service — from wearing booties during installation to replacing products many years after job completion.