Albert Cummings may have toured the country with the likes of blues greats B.B. King and Buddy Guy, but at the end of the day, he's a builder first and foremost. Though he has gained much recognition for his musical exploits (CNN even ran a piece on his dual careers), Cummings, a fourth-generation builder, has the business in his blood.

Most recently Cummings has scaled back his operation from 14 employees to just six, in an effort to streamline his processes.

“We were seeing slippage,” he says, noting that he now prefers to subcontract most elements of the construction process and design. “I'm a big believer in hiring people who are good at what they do specifically,” he explains. “I love to work with architects who are better at design than I am.” In the field he now employs a lead carpenter and a team of four more carpenters, all of whom could be and occasionally act as leads, he says.

In 2007, Cummings plans on breaking ground on a new facility that will include office space and a warehouse in which materials will be pre-cut and assembled to minimize the work his crews have to do in the frigid Massachusetts climate, thus further increasing overall productivity.