There's a lot of “together time” when you're working on nearly 600 jobs a year. Joseph and Doris Logar, owners of AAA Services of Central Florida, keep a large staff coordinated and on-task using a cell-phone-based field force management system. The home office is in constant contact with the superintendent via text-messaging and e-mail. He carries a digital camera and takes pictures on a daily basis.

Having started in 1983 as a drywall subcontractor and then obtaining licenses for painting, carpentry, stucco, plastering, and finish carpentry, Joe can decipher any issue and respond immediately. His current crop of field employees is as multi-talented as he is, covering everything from drywall to tiling.

Says Joe, “We pride ourselves on the people we hire. We're not a typical construction company.”

Keeping everyone in the family is important to the Logars, who work hard to offer good benefits. “During the past eight to 10 years, we've had a stable group.”