With his varied background — a degree in construction engineering; performing carpentry during college breaks; working in an architecture firm and for a residential builder; being the head of a construction division for an energy service company in Manhattan; being part of the real estate and planning division of a national corporation with 16,000 employees — Jeffrey Titus laid a strong foundation for owning and managing his own successful remodeling company. “I knew very early on that I wanted to operate my own design/build business, and all those years I was making a business and marketing plan to achieve success,” he says.

Titus has continued those good business habits, writing down company goals for growth and profit, monitoring overhead spending, following a marketing plan, and focusing on “steering the ship” by workingonthe business rather thaninthe business. “Every year we continue to grow, and we know where the business is headed. A lot of it has to do with knowing where you are going and empowering your key managers to help you get there,” Titus says. “Being selected as a Big50 remodeler is an incredible achievement for our team. They deserve the credit for this recognition.”