As a sculptor and artist, Chaden Halfhill (in hat) brings a strong aesthetic focus to the houses he remodels.

“Remodeling is all about taking a space that is not functional or a house with a lack of space, and reorganizing it,” Halfhill says.

Last year he began reworking his design process to increase the company's design-to-construction conversion rate. He hired two new salespeople/designers. He also found that there was a breakdown between design and production, so he and the two designers are now responsible for carrying the project through production. “We will be attentive and on-site during construction and also handling change orders,” he says.

Halfhill shows off the company's handiwork in a booth at the local home show and in a remodeled home tour. “I made a nice booth that stands out from the rest,” he says. “There is a certain aesthetic they see from our work and details. On the tour, homeowners don't just see pictures, they see our work up close.” Halfhill says that creating a cohesive team is the key to the company's success, so he spends time and money on providing a great benefits package.