Steven St. Onge (right, with vice president Bruce Champagne) is so on top of his business that recently he was able to take a year away from R.I. Kitchen & Bath and spend it sailing with his wife and four children. Those in the office weren't even able to contact him for several months at a time. St. Onge pulled off what many only dream of because he had spent years developing descriptions for every job in the company — defining even those positions that did not yet have staff — and creating systems that offered repeatable results.

When St. Onge returned to RIKB, the business had grown 15%. “I couldn't have done it without a dedicated team and someone who would take it upon himself to manage the company as though it were his own business,” he says. St. Onge now works in the business about 16 hours a week. The rest of the time he is working on the business, planning for the next growth phase. “I'm the human resources guy, interviewing and looking for new people, looking for new products, new markets, and ways to grow.”