During the past few years, Greg Antonioli has gotten his house in order. Antonioli jokes that he was “running a country club for carpenters. Our clients were thrilled and our employees did beautiful work, never showing any stress, but we needed a culture shift.”

A devotee of Jack Stack'sThe Great Game of Business, Antonioli steered the company culture toward an open book style, which, he says, has created more trust between himself and his staff. Employees learn to read financial statements and are held accountable not by Antonioli but by one another. “When we implemented it, a few people dropped off and didn't want to do it,” he says.

Overall, accountability has risen, and Antonioli has instituted other systems that have strengthened the core such as percent-complete accounting and a whole-company interview process for new hires. “They know they can get voted off the island,” he says. “If you don't want to be a team player, then don't come here.”