Orren Pickell Remodeling Group is one of seven separate LLCs that make up Orren Pickell Designers & Builders, a $60 million business serving northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This business model works well, with the companies supporting and sharing with one another in different ways.

The remodeling group, begun 12 years ago, benefited from owner Orren Pickell's previous 20 years of home building experience. Systems were in place right from the start. Overseen by Lisa Pickell, Orren's daughter, the Remodeling Group has spawned a separate division of the Maintenance Group and developed “Remodel Lite,” a method of streamlining the remodeling program for projects costing less than $75,000. Later this year, the company will open a retail space in Northfield, Ill.

Despite its size, Lisa Pickell says the company still feels like a small family business. And employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge: “We'll give you the land and fertilizer and you can make your lawn as green as you want it to be.”