From day one, Ty Melton (right, with general manager Rick Johnson) has had three divisions within his construction business — residential remodeling, commercial projects, and service work.

“We use it as a marketing tool. We'll do a dentist's office, then her home bathroom. The work cross-pollinates,” he says. This three-pronged approach has served him well in the cyclical economy of Boulder which ebbs and flows within the divisions. Melton says that business continues to grow as open lots for new construction disappear and the existing housing dating from 1940 to 1970 needs repairs and updates.

Melton chooses to have a separate crew for the 300 service jobs the company completes every year. He set up forms, flowcharts, and procedures to help new handyman employees understand the most efficient way to complete tasks.

For the handyman division, as well as the remodeling and commercial side, Melton holds monthly accountability meetings where he asks employees to set and measure goals. “This lets the staff understand that all the departments are tied together,” he says. “For example, you end up having the accounting department figure out how to help production be more productive. Or the service department helping production stay on schedule. As a business owner, it's liberating.”