The Jackson brothers target a specific type of client for their remodeling work. They want to build within a five-mile radius that encompasses the downtown area and includes neighborhoods with houses built from 1905 to 1930. They focus on singles and couples in their 30s to mid-40s, most of whom take out loans or second mortgages to pay for their projects. Employees of Microsoft also make up a good portion of their clientele. “Microsoft is on the east side of Lake Washington, and employees usually commute from these older neighborhoods,” Leif (right) says.

The company also has a niche in retrofitting foundations to meet earthquake codes and has a full-time crew for this work. They complete 50 of this type of job per year, accounting for 20% of their revenue.

Erik is in charge of sales and estimating; Leif handles production and overall direction. They recently hired a coordinator to handle production and design. “Clients are happier with the design process, and they are increasing the scope of the work,” Leif says.