As the income level of the residents of Fairfield and Southport has risen, Raymond Gaines has found a way to sell his services and train crews to work for these demanding clients. He says that most high-end homeowners are willing to pay for quality and service if they have a remodeler who responds to their questions and concerns. Gaines tries to find one large project in an upscale neighborhood. Once neighbors see the big Gaines Construction trailer, they start thinking about remodeling. He says many of his existing clients sell his services to their peers. “If you get them to sign off on you, you almost have carte blanche with others,” he says.

For Gaines, having jobs grouped together in one area helps him more efficiently schedule subs and crews. His jobs range from a $2.5 million tear down, partial add-on, and reconstruction to a $200,000 garage renovation.

Gaines notes that his crew is able to build and install the customized products and details desired by his clients, and he often bids on projects designed by architects. “If someone knows us, even if we have a higher bid, they look favorably on us,” he says.