Chandler Fox (in white) and Mike Blood (far right) have created a unique team of project managers to run the company's large design/build jobs. All of these project managers are independent contractors, but work almost exclusively for Foxcraft. They handle the subcontractors, deliveries, and scheduling. “These are smart people who tried to run their own businesses but who now work only for us. They are basically owners in the field,” Fox says.

To keep these project managers involved, Fox and Blood give them bonuses based on job profit. Blood supervises the lead carpenters who run the smaller $100,000 to $200,000 jobs. Fox sells jobs and markets the company's design/build concept.

Foxcraft is a cabinet distributor and has an in-house kitchen designer who sells and designs kitchens for other contractors and architects. The duo has also formed a relationship with an interior designer, who works with their clients and brings in new business. “It's a symbiotic relationship. He has clients, but knows he has a remodeling company behind him, so he can discuss all types of changes to the home,” Fox says.