One of Donatelli Castillo's goals, Chris Donatelli (front, left) says, is to always keep in touch with its customers even as the business grows larger. “We don't want to get to a point where we're not in contact with them,” says Donatelli, who, along with co-owner Tony Castillo (front, right), grew up in San Jose. “I want to be able to pass by and shake hands and not have to go to the other side of the street because it was a rocky road. We as a company endeavor to be able to do that,” Donatelli says.

One key component to staying close with customers, he says, is educating DCB employees about how to produce the kind of high-quality work the company is known for. Not only is it important to stay current in fast-moving Silicon Valley, but Donatelli also wants to help pass knowledge to those coming up in the ranks. To that end, he and Castillo have instituted what they call the DC Way, a series of educational, safety, and team-building meetings held semimonthly.