After growing to a volume large enough to hire trades normally subcontracted, David Adams brought those trades in-house. “I wanted to have more control of our job schedules rather than being a victim of delays due to subcontractors' schedules,” says Adams, who was originally trained as an architect. “I wanted my clients to rave about their experience of working with us, and when they didn't, it was usually due to something that a subcontractor did or did not do.” Design Builders & Remodeling now has separate divisions for excavation and concrete; plumbing and heating; drywall; and a high-end kitchen showroom called Bailey Avenue Kitchen in Ridgefield, Conn. The company also has full-time designers, tile setters, painters, roofers, masons, and carpenters.

“I've concentrated on getting things running smoothly and putting the right people in place. Things have never run better; my time has been freed up, and I can now pay more attention to long-term planning,” says Adams, a self-professed organizational fanatic.

Adams feels that the company is well- positioned to double in size during the next few years.

“I'm constantly challenging myself to improve the company,” he says. “There is always something new to experience. It's never boring.”