Known in Houston for the quality of his work on additions and renovations and for his company's customer service, John Gillette says that he is fully dedicated to providing clients with fine craftsmanship and the service they deserve and expect. “Craftsmanship has to do with quality,” he says. “What I do is an art. It's not a cookie-cutter business.” To ensure project quality, Gillette has a staff of full-time employees experienced in framing, cabinetry, painting, ceramic tile, trim, and other trades.

Three years ago he bought a house and located his office there. The recently remodeled space includes a cabinet shop and a showroom. Because of Gillette's attention to detail, his design skills, and his building knowledge, he is often asked by clients of other builders to check the quality during construction of their custom homes.

Currently he is purchasing distressed properties with the intent to either renovate them for resale or keep them as investments.