Two families used their business expertise, talents, and resources to merge their two companies. David Callahan (right) and his wife Renata had run their own construction company for 12 years. Renata's brother Nicholas Peters (left) had taken over his father's painting company and expanded to countertops and cabinetry.

Before they merged their companies in 1998, the Callahans and Peters spent a year holding monthly meetings to discuss strengths and weaknesses and to plan the structure of the new company.

Now, David Callahan (sales and marketing), Nicholas (design and estimating), and Nicholas' son David Peters (production management) work on $250,000 to $300,000 whole-house projects. David Callahan also reviews the company's financials each week and tracks work in progress to anticipate any changes or delays.

The company creates custom cabinetry in its cabinet shop and has added new manufacturer lines. The owners also recently opened a division to sell cabinetry to local remodelers and invited a few to the shop for a training session. They anticipate hiring new carpenters or training current carpenters to specialize in countertop fabrication, closet systems, entertainment systems, and custom pieces. To prepare for this, they are in the process of building a design studio.